Material for the brain #6

The importance of self expression. The power and danger of individualism.

What does it mean to invest in yourself. Practicing death as a metaphor.

Episdoe #6 - Your authentic voice

In episode #6 (solo episode), I am reflecting on the topic of authentic expression. I decided to take a personaI approach and to use some of my own life stories as reference points in order to examine the notion of authenticity and its expression and evolution.

Key questions/topics I am talking about:
What is self expression? Why should I be bother with expressing myself?
How does external structures might affect my ability to authentically express myself?
What is the power of individualism? What are the downsides?
The crucial relation between individualism and self expression.
How to treat the idea of ‘investing in yourself’.
The importance of practicing death as a metaphor.

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Photo by Christian Ariel Heredia