Move towards oneness

Take a step on a journey towards an integrated life.

Rediscover your bodymind and unlock your full potential.

Photo by Theresia Kaufman

Ready to explore how dance can transform your body and mind?

We are delighted to announce that applications for our 2024-25 study group programs are now open!

Who are these study groups designed for?

✓ You desire to reestablish a profound connection with your body, enhancing both physical and emotional well-being.

✓ You seek an enjoyable and dynamic practice to maintain your physical fitness.

✓ You aspire to engage with a vibrant dance community, fostering connections with like-minded individuals.

✓ You are a professional dancer seeking a consistent training environment.

✓ You are eager to push your boundaries and discover the capabilities of your body.

✓ You aim to acquire techniques for coping with physical discomfort and pain.

✓ You are intrigued by the exploration of human consciousness and accessing altered states of being through movement.

✓ You are an artist seeking to venture into a new expressive medium involving the body.

✓ You are in search of a practice that ignites and nurtures your creative spirit.

✓ You have a history of dancing and are seeking a supportive space to reignite your passion.

✓ You are interested in exploring touch and fostering embodied connections with others.

✓ You are curious about integrating mindfulness practices into your movement journey for enhanced self-awareness and presence.

* Our study groups programs are open for any person regardless of age and background.

Schedule 2024-25

What's Next?

Are you contemplating joining the Movement Lab study groups? Not sure which program might be the right for you? You can start by watching the info evening in by visiting this page.

Alternatively, you can schedule a personal meeting with Matan Levkowich, Movement Lab founder, in which we will delve into your needs, desires, and objectives, aiming to ascertain the most suitable study group for your continued growth and development.

Let's meet

Application is open!

The Info Evening for the upcoming study group cycle took place already.

You can watch the recording of the info evening down below.

If you have watched the info evening and would like to apply,

click on the button below where you will be able to do the following:

1. Schedule a personal short meeting with us.

2. Fill the application form with your infos and the programs you want to join.

Photo by Laurent Ziegler

What does the Movement Lab mean for you?

Why do you dance?

In what ways dance influenced your life?

What is the Movement Lab community?

What do you find most enjoyable thus far?

Memorable moment from the studio...

Did you navigate any challenges?

Specific theme you are currently exploring?

"I have experienced the Movement Lab study group as a unique space for growth, both on a personal and professional level. On a physical level, I developed more strength, endurance, flexibility, resilience, as well as trust in my capacities.

As a group I think we have all deepened our skills of listening, being self-responsible, communicating, expressing, experimenting, and last but not least, to be willing to show up and to connect authentically, with our full being."

- Clémentine Antier -

"Studying with the Movement Lab teached me the connection between movement, dance and communication. I love exploring not only "how" to move but also "why". The principles behind his teaching allow me to experience a wider range of possibilities and to step into the unknown with curiosity. In the studio and in life."

- Lukas Teml -

"We are always moving, but not always aware of it. By exploring how we move, we also open up avenues of freedom that may otherwise stay stuck in routine"

- Noah Steixner -