Weekly Jams

Improvise alone. Communicate with others.

Discover new ways to express yourself.

Photo by Laurent Ziegler

The Stuwer Jam

With this new offer in the city, we would like to cultivate a community space where dance exploration is its main focus. A space where each individual is welcomed to explore their solo dance, to dance with a partner or several partners.

Every jam session will start with a 30 minutes guided warm up. You are welcome to join the warm up or do your own warm up on the side. You can come at any time between 18:00-19:15, there is no obligation to be present in the warm up. In other words, be responsible for whatever you need.

The jam is only open for people with previous experience with Contact Improvisation. If you are new to the form, please take a few CI classes before joining. A jam session is not the ideal space to take the first steps in the CI universe.

Join the community!

Weekly Jams - Thursday 18:00-20:30

Please come latest at 19:15. The studio will be closed afterwards

The jams take place at Volksschule Schönngasse / Schönngasse 2, 1020. After entering the school, take the right corridor all the way to its end where you will see the door for the 'Turnsaal'. No need for prior registration. Simply come.

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Photo by Laurent Ziegler