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Professional dance training programs in the city of Vienna.

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The study groups

The Study Group's dance education programs invite anyone, regardless of age or background, to commit to a long-term process of discovery and growth.

At the core of each program is the understanding that the study of the human body has an enormous impact on our lives, on our ability to relate and connect with others, and on our physical and emotional well-being. Together with a fixed group of people, we create a safe space for physical inquiry where each individual is respected and supported according to their pace, needs and goals.

The curriculum of the programs is anchored in the athletic & somatic facets of dance, movement and embodiment. In the process we expose our students to both experiential and theoretical knowledge.

All our programs are led by professional, experienced teachers and include free access to our weekly jam, 25% discount for our online courses, Q&A session and individual feedback session.

Our programs

Our programs are structured within a three-by-three grid, serving as a compass for a comprehensive dance practice. Vertically, this grid delineates the setting, while horizontally, it outlines the content.


Horizontally, the grid is subdivided based on the complexity of the material, progressing from solo practice to partnering, and finally to ensemble work.


Vertically, the grid is segmented according to various aspects of the practice:

Physical Practice: Serving as the foundational element, focusing on bodily movements and techniques.

Social Practice: Acknowledging that dance inherently occurs within a social context, this aspect emphasizes interactions between the people and group dynamics.

Creative Work: Through dance, individuals can express and embody their creative spirit, making this segment vital for exploring innovative and imaginative avenues.

Our diverse study groups address various facets that can be allocated within the grid framework, each focusing on distinct aspects of the dance practice.

Current Schedule


Green - Studio Samdrubling / Friedrich-Kaiser-Gasse 74, 1160

Black - Volksschule Schönngasse / Schönngasse 2, 1020


All our study group programs are recognised as official education (Weiterbildung) and successful participants can receive the Movement Lab certification.

All & Beyond

Morning program that explores the full grid.

From solo practice to ensemble work.

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Creative Ground

Morning program for Individual Creation.

Discover the artist in you.

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Full Contact

Evening program for partnering and contact improvisation.

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Kinetic Playground

Morning program for advanced partner and CI practice.

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Contemporary Moves Beginners

Evening program for solo practice.

Contemporary dance and movement research.

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Contemporary Moves Advanced

Morning program for solo practice.

Contemporary dance and fluid acrobatics.

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What does the Movement Lab mean for you?

Why do you dance?

In what ways dance influenced your life?

What is the Movement Lab community?

What do you find most enjoyable thus far?

Memorable moment from the studio...

Did you navigate any challenges?

Specific theme you are currently exploring?

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The Info Evening for the upcoming study group cycle took place already.

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Photo by Laurent Ziegler

"I have experienced the Movement Lab study group as a unique space for growth, both on a personal and professional level. On a physical level, I developed more strength, endurance, flexibility, resilience, as well as trust in my capacities.

As a group I think we have all deepened our skills of listening, being self-responsible, communicating, expressing, experimenting, and last but not least, to be willing to show up and to connect authentically, with our full being."

- Clémentine Antier -

"Studying with the Movement Lab teached me the connection between movement, dance and communication. I love exploring not only "how" to move but also "why". The principles behind his teaching allow me to experience a wider range of possibilities and to step into the unknown with curiosity. In the studio and in life."

- Lukas Teml -

"We are always moving, but not always aware of it. By exploring how we move, we also open up avenues of freedom that may otherwise stay stuck in routine"

- Noah Steixner -