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The Movement Lab is a school for dance, movement, and embodiment. We extend an open invitation to individuals from all backgrounds and ages to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

At the heart of our school lie two fundamental values: integration and playfulness. We are dedicated to guiding individuals toward a harmonious integration of body and mind, while fostering a sense of belonging within our community. Recognising the power of playfulness in learning, we create an environment free from achievement pressure, where curiosity flourishes and discovery is celebrated.

Our annual educational programs, the ‘Study Groups’, are the focal centre of our activities. In addition to the study groups, we host weekly jams, open workshops, and offer cutting-edge online courses. Our curriculum encompasses contemporary dance, movement research, contact improvisation and partner work, individual creation and ensemble work.

The Movement Lab has evolved into a nurturing sanctuary for both professionals and amateurs alike. Here, we firmly believe that a fulfilling life necessitates a profound connection with one's body, meaningful interactions with others, and a journey towards embodied connectedness — a journey we're excited to share with you. Welcome to The Movement Lab.

The Founder

Photo by Theresia Kaufmann

Matan Levkowich founded the Movement Lab in 2013. With the aim of assisting individuals in enhancing their well-being through physical practice, Matan has traversed the globe, conducting seminars for people from diverse backgrounds. However, our story doesn't begin here.

Our tale commences with a young boy captivated by the potential of his body. At the age of 6, like many others, he entered formal education, adapting to the demands of modern life - spending 6-8 hours a day seated without much movement. He gradually assimilated the notion that the body held little significance.

By the time Matan reached 25, he was serving as a team manager in a promising tech company. Despite the apparent stability of his future, a deep-seated unrest propelled him towards a quest for something more profound. Two years later, Matan departed for Salzburg to pursue studies at one of Europe's premier academies for contemporary dance (SEAD), bidding farewell to the tech industry. Since then, his journey has been marked by relentless exploration of movement and the cultivation of his pedagogical and artistic body of work.

Today, after over a decade of delving into contemporary dance, Matan has settled with his family in Vienna where he serves as the director of Movement Lab school.

What is your story?

No matter if you are a professional or amateur, young or old, we would love to help you rediscover your physical potential and live more creatively!

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