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Creative Ground study group is a process-oriented program centered around the creative dimensions of dance, movement, and embodiment. It focuses on cultivating body intelligence, performative skills, and expressive presence, ultimately leading to the individual creation of dance performances.

This year-long program spans 36 weeks and offers professional training open to individuals of any age or background. While prior experience in dance or embodiment is beneficial, it is not mandatory.

The program aims to help each individual develop their physical intelligence and refine artistic skills in dance and performing art. The unique blend of different teaching modalities and pedagogical approaches within the Movement Lab will enable each student to gain extensive understanding and experience in the following: contemporary dance, movement-based exploration methods, choreography and composition, performance practice and stage experience.

Besides that, the program supports cultivation of presence through touch and the development of non-verbal communication skills - a process that provides a robust foundation necessary for future engagements in the field of embodiment and touch based healing modalities.

The Program’s Structure

The program consists of four core modules and one self-organized module. The mandatory modules are taught for 1.5 hours per week and span a duration of 36 weeks. Each mandatory module is structured as a gradual process for accumulating knowledge and skills.

We allocate 4 weekly hours for the self-organized module, allowing participants to decide how to distribute their time. Each participant is required to initiate a minimum of 12 hours (3 sessions), with the option to attend more as desired.

Together, these modules offer an in-depth, process-oriented learning experience.

For detailed information about each model Click here for the full curriculum.


October 2024 - June 2025


Wednesdays, 09:15-14:30



Including in the program's fee are all the classes, free entry to the weekly jam, 25% discount coupon for our online courses, Q&A session and individual feedback session.

Teacher's Team

Daphna Horenczyk

Daphna is a dance artist based in Vienna. Since 2012 she has been creating independently for stage and for film. Her choreographic language is mainly based on contemporary pop culture and the use of irony and self-humour as critical tools to comment on social behaviour.

Juli Gabor

Juli is a mover, movement educator, organiser and a therapist based in Vienna, Austria. She has studied different dance forms all around Europe over the last 25 years such as: contact improvisation (CI), improvisation, release technique, easy acrobatics, contemporary dance, and various social dance forms. Since 2007, she has been teaching CI internationally on a regular basis.

Christa Stöffelbauer

Christa Stöffelbauer is a dancer, performer, dance facilitator and produces dance performances in collaboration with artists from different disciplines. She studied contemporary stage dance, movement pedagogy and social work in Kassel and Vienna. As co-founder of several artistic collectives, she researches approaches in her work that seek the connections between the body, dance and socio-political issues.

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