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Explore the vast landscape of the world of dance and embodiment.

Contemporary dance, partner work, Contact Improvisation, performance practice.

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The Study Group is process oriented program that is centred around the athletic & somatic facets of dance, movement and embodiment. Cultivating body intelligence and physical expression and developing a self and group practice are the core of the program.

The program is a professional training that is open for any person regardless of age or background. A basic previous experience in the field of dance or embodiment is required.

The program aims to help each individual to develop their physical-emotional intelligence, a strong foundation that is necessary for any future engagements in field of dance/embodiment. By gradual exposure to experiential and theoretical knowledge, each participant will receive the tools to maintain a physical relationship with the body and to develop an independent dance practice.

The Program’s Structure

The program constitutes four core modules and one optional module.
The mandatory modules are being taught 1.5 hours per week and lasts for 36 weeks. All the mandatory modules are built as a gradual process of accumulation of knowledge and skills.

The optional module takes place every week for 3 hours (throughout the entire program) and will be guided by rotating guest teachers. Each participant is require to attend for a minimum of 12 hours in total (4 times), with the possibly to attend as much as one wishes.

Together all the modules are an in-depth process oriented learning experience.

For detailed information about each model click here for the full curriculum.


October 2023 - June 2024


Two days per week

Tuesday & Wednesday - 09:15-14:30

* Each day contains three sessions of 1.5 hours + breaks.


One day per week: 1790

Two days per week: 3270

Including in the program's fee are all the classes, free entry to the weekly jam, discount price to the Thursday workshops, Q&A session and individual feedback session.

Teacher's Team

Daphna Horenczyk

Daphna is a dance artist based in Vienna. Since 2012 she has been creating independently for stage and for film. Her choreographic language is mainly based on contemporary pop culture and the use of irony and self-humour as critical tools to comment on social behaviour.

Juli Gabor

Juli is a mover, movement educator, organiser and a therapist based in Vienna, Austria. She has studied different dance forms all around Europe over the last 25 years such as: contact improvisation (CI), improvisation, release technique, easy acrobatics, contemporary dance, and various social dance forms. Since 2007, she has been teaching CI internationally on a regular basis.

Matan Levkowich

Matan is a dancer, graphic designer and the host of ‘Material For The Brain’ podcast. In 2015 he founded Movement Lab - a vehicle for movement education, choreographic work and discursive inquiry. His practice is influenced by his enthusiasm for physical and theoretical research and revolves around the question of how to develop a meaningful relationship with the body-mind.

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