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25.4 BMC and Viewpoints with Sebastian Bechinger

Body-Mind Centering (BMC) and the Six Viewpoints were both born in a similar time and place (New York in the 1970s), close to the birth of Post-Modern Dance and the Judson Church Dance Theatre. While BMC examines the body's interiority, the Viewpoints engages the Primordial Materials of performance. They share a common phenomenology: a mode of exploration based on curiosity and acceptance, a way of participating in a rich field of possibilities and collaborating with its emergent intelligence. In this workshop, we will engage with our embodied intelligence, aligning “the smallest movement within the cell, with the largest movement into space”, and research how our embodied practices can support and be supported by a performing or performance-making practice.


2.5 Being Moved with Simon Mayer

In this training, we invite the states of Being Moved and discover how they support our creative/artistic process and our human development. Being Moved means moving and expressing yourself through a state of flow. What I offer is the practice of surrendering to the intelligence and wisdom of the body-mind alignment and its co-creation potential to find ways into our entire creative and emotional expression, self-empowerment, with clear boundaries, flow, and consciousness.

This morning practice offers to enter the state of Being Moved by the power of celebration and the reconnection to joy. Find your inner resources, discover your personal warm-up for the day (emotionally, physically, and mentally) and get in contact with yourself so you are ready to meet others.

Being Moved: The Art of Celebration is part of the Artistic Experiencing (Art & Well-being) research and practice by Simon Mayer, together with Hannah Shakti Bühler and Karoline Wibmer. A research on sustainable working and well-being in art and through artistic creative means.

16.05, 23.05 Relationship Choreography with Shaked Mochiach (IL)

In the workshops we will experiment with a variety of practices I have been developing over the past few years in an attempt to search for commonalities through the body. We will experience movement with eyes closed, talking while moving, daydreaming, and letting go of control. We will explore the personal and collective unconscious, and a soft transition between rational logic and sensory abstract logic.
The workshops are for everyone - with or without a background in dance and movement. My practice allows people at very different points in their lives (age, culture, etc.) to meet and be together. I see great potential in the encounter between professional dancers and non-dancers, and this workshop is suitable for all levels and stages.

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