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23.11 - Poetry of Composition with Christa Stöffelbauer
This workshop invites you to experience perspectives on the poetry of instant composition and the infinite beauty that emerges through conscious encounters in dance with others, space and time. Through exercises that refine the perception of one's own body in relation to others and space, and that strengthen the presence and clarity of our dance, we will playfully enrich our ability to compose together and realize the potential of collaborative composition. Improvisation tasks with partners and in the whole group are part of this session, as well as the creation of short pieces that emerge from the beauty of the moment.

30.11 - Experience into Form with Daphna Horenczyk
I am interested in the term "training". What should training consist of? What do we train for? What is individual training? And what is collective training? In this workshop, I will lead participants through a durational experience of training different aspects of being a human performer. We will move between physical and intellectual exercises, between experiencing the 1st body and being an observer.


7.12 - Fluid Acrobatics - Phrasework with Lawrence Ritchie
In this workshop, we will begin with a small introduction and open conversation about topics such as fear, falling, expectations and self-care, followed by a meditative routine.

We will then learn, playfully approach and improvise a series of basic acrobatic movements drawn from tricking, contemporary dance, and floorwork.
Drawing from the core principles and physics of extreme acrobatic practices (such as tricking), we delve into the fundamentals while embracing mindfulness and sustainability.

After establishing our phrase, we will begin to work on elaborating and integrating qualities such as fluidity, softness, and explosiveness.

Lawrence's goal with this workshop is to create a space where participants can progress individually, empowered by the diversity, support and attentiveness of the group.

14.12 - Grappling for dancers with Matan Levkowich
People have been dancing and fighting since the dawn of time. The evolution of human culture has given rise to many different styles of dance and martial arts. The most recent expressions of this evolution can be found in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and contemporary dance.
Despite the distinct differences in the utility of these arts, there is a common guiding principle for their development - inclusivity above all. In the BJJ universe, the fighter can use any technique that works for his or her individual body. In contemporary dance, the dancer is free to move in any way that serves their expression.

In this workshop, we will dive into a physical experience of movement inclusivity. We will explore movements that are common to both dance and combat and look to refresh our pool of possibilities. We will practice communication through movement and explore the full range of experiences from harmony to disharmony.

21.12 - Multiple centers with Elda Gallo
With this workshop, I would like to share some improvisation tasks that I am using in my current artistic research. Inspired by the plant neurologist Stefano Mancuso - who asks how the systems of plants can be an inspiration for our society - I am interested in how we can move both as individuals and as a group by following non-hierarchical and collective decision-making.

It will be an exploration of the body through an offered imagination. We will use our physicality and imagination to experiment with how we can feel, breathe, see and communicate with our whole body and how we can perceive the group as an intelligent organism. We will imagine reversing our vital functions by inventing new creatures. We will dance alone and with others, with and without physical contact.

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