Material for the brain #24

Can we handle uncertainty without control?

Improvisation as a way of living

Episdoe #24 - Without Control

My guest for the 24th episode is Tal Shibi, a native Jerusalem dance maker, an improviser, photographer, , as well as a teacher and ongoing student of movement, art, and therapy.

Most recently Tal has been sharing his passion for life, creativity, and movement through creating improvisation workshops which emphasise tools for life such as playfulness, meditation, the courage to be seen, body awareness, breath work and more.

Tal is a childhood friend of mine, who’s ideas and actions had an enormous influence on my life and the person I am. First and foremost, Tal is a life improviser and a truth seeker, who has been always living in the present while asking himself the big questions of life - what are we doing here, what is a worthwhile way to spend life.

I shared with him many meaningful moments during the years and I was very happy to host him on my podcast and to dive into his thoughts and ideas.

Connect to Tal:

Short extracts

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Photo by Christian Ariel Heredia