Material for the brain #29

Attention as material.

Freedom of movement and limitations.

Episdoe #29 - Wholeness as an experience

For the 29th episode, I have invited Meytal Blanaru - a dancer, choreographer, teacher and a Feldenkreis practitioner. She is the founder of Fathom High - a Feldenkrais® based dance technique, that uses neuroplasticity to create changes in the way one moves, forms habits and overcome limitations.

I met Meytal many years ago during my dance education and recently we worked closely for several months in which I have assisted her with the creation of her new website.

Her work attracted me as I have seen in it a cross over between what I would called ‘somatic training’ and ‘athletic expression’ and I was interested to dive deeper into it.

In our conversation we talk lengthly on the subject of attention as material, We talked about resiliency and the different between the mental aspects and the image we might have about physical resiliency. We talk about freedom of movement and limitations. How can we locate limitations and over come limitations.

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Photo by Christian Ariel Heredia