Material for the brain #20

Growing into maturity.

Live into the words that you speak.

Episdoe #20 - Where are the adults?

My guest for the 20th episode is Shanti Zimmerman, a teacher who is helping individuals to live in emotional authenticity, maturity and honesty and to develop Genuine Interactions in the world.

Shanti came into my attention through her Facebook page. I was very impressed by her ability to handle sensitive conversations online, on topics that tends to spiral into violent accusations and pointless verbal wars. And what I have seen was a quality of integrity that seems to me as her authentic voice that often, brought people together rather than apart.

And after I was following her for a while, I was intrigued to invite her to the podcast, to get to know her more personally and to enable her to share her wisdom with me and you.

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Photo by Christian Ariel Heredia