Material for the brain #32

Building a home for the dance to happen.

Can dance be apolitical?

Episdoe #32 - Wandering through artistic landscapes

My guests for the 32nd episode are Roser Tutusaus and Tom Weksler who are contemporary dancers, choreographers and teachers.

They are the founders and artistic directors of Wonderground dance company and the founders of Movement Archery - their pedagogical body from which they offer workshops and intensives world wide.

I have known both Tom and Roser for several years in which we have collaborated, exchanged and fed one another on both the physical and intellectual levels. I have invited them to the podcast to explore their different artistic endeavours which includes the opening of the Island - a new cultural centre in the suburbs of Barcelona and their latest dance creation Momentum.

I had many many private conversations with them in the past and I was really happy to have the opportunity to share this one on this public feed.

In our conversation, we talked about the different motivations to engage in art making. We talked about the politics of art making and what are the necessary conditions to create art from our individual perspectives as artists. We talked about strategies to guide attention as performance makers. We talked about the current political discourse that dominates the European dance world and what other perspectives we might want to include and more.

Connect to Roser and Tom:

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Photo by Christian Ariel Heredia