Material for the brain #33

Do you tell yourself the right story?

The different aspects of body awareness.

Episdoe #33 - The biology of body awareness

MY guest for the 33rd episode is Asia Shcherbakova, a scientist and movement educator. Asia holds a Master of Science in Human Genetics and a PhD in Biotechnology. She has been involved in projects related to the effects of stress on learning and memory and currently she is studying the pro-cognitive effects of medium-chain triglycerides. Beside her scientific research, she is a co-developer of the Baseworks method in which she is focused on understanding the function of brain areas that participate in both movement and cognitive tasks and the crossover between language and movement.

Asia is a real Movement Nerd and her curiosity towards both theoretical and experiential knowledge is really admirable. In our conversation we talked about her recovery from epilepsy through dance and how her background as a biologist affected the way she approached it. We talked about how our stories and ideas affect our pedagogical approach and our actual experiences in movement. We talked about body awareness and explored where different modalities we are using comes together and what are the differences in our understanding of this topic.

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Photo by Christian Ariel Heredia