Material for the brain #9

Home as a metaphor. Yoga practice is a vehicle.

On personal transformation. The role of clear structures for learning.

Episdoe #9 - Structured Anarchy

My guest for the 9th episode is Patrick Oancia(CA/JP) , founder of Baseworks - a movement system designed to increase your ability to sense, and improve motor and mental performance.

Patrick diverse background is unique - a former punk musician, that for the last 30 immeshed himself in athletics, the study of Hatha yoga asana and martial arts while refining more-subtle contemplative practices.

I got to know Patrick in 2018. he invited me to teach a seminar in his studio in Tokyo for 10 days. During this short visit, I learnt so much from him, and was really impressed by all the things that he does. Every evening, we dived into conversations that lasted for hours and and I when I came back to Europe I had the feeling that he gave me some much to think about, that I needed about a year to digest these 10 days.

I was very excited by the opportunity to dive again into his complex mind and even more excited to share it with you all.

Learn more about Patrick's work:

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Photo by Christian Ariel Heredia