Material for the brain #8

How to cultivate trust while developing self responsibility and awareness.

Can spirituality be expressed by creating social impact?

Episdoe #8 - Social Tensegrity

My guest for the 8th episode is Guillermo Justel (ES/UK). Guillermo is a Yoga and Hand balancing teacher and the co-founder of 'We-Guild' - a social network for self employed people that helps absorb financial blows through the power of community.

What I really admire in Guillermo is that he is the kind of thinker that doesn't shy away from confronting paradoxes and interacting with conflicting propositions. His engagements in the ream of social impact is a great example of his richness and complexion .

In our conversation we grappled with the question of how trust can be cultivated and how it relates to self responsibility and solidarity. Guillermo shared is perspective on the notion of spirituality and its vast array of potential expressions.

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Photo by Christian Ariel Heredia