Material for the brain #5

What is a self practice? What are movement basics?

The significant tools of contemporary dance.

Episdoe #5 - From self practice to a life practice

In the 5th episode, I had the pleasure of talk with Shai Faran (IL/DE). Shai is a dancer, teacher and a choreographer based in Berlin. She has a large base of followers from all over the globe with whom she shares what she calls 'a life practice'. Shai is one of the most dedicated practitioner I have met and she lives her life in a very intense and interesting way.

In our conversation she shared what is a 'self practice' and how it can be connected our lives, what are the universal basics across disciplines and how to train it, what 'dance' means for her and whether it has any significant importance and more.

Read more on Shai's work:

Short extracts

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Photo by Christian Ariel Heredia