Material for the brain #18

On being an immigrant. Western and eastern family values.

The importance of internalising your practice.

Episdoe #18 - Reality Check

My guest for the 18th episode is Stephanie lee, an Entrepreneur and a contemporary dancer. She is the co founder of Trybe gym in Hong Kong, a playground for circus, weightlifting, mobility training and acrobatics.

I met Stephanie in 2018, she invited me to teach a seminar in her gym and from the first moment we met, we had really great time together. I was extremely impressed by her groundless and her ability to be connected to the real world while remaining in touch with her creative and artistic expressions. And even though she was relatively younger than me, I really felt immature next to her and our meeting helped me to discover new ways to grow.

In our conversation Stephanie shared her experiences of being an Asian immigrant in the US and the achievement mindset it cultivated. we talked about the different values in Western cultures and asian cultures and how it shapes the expectations within ones nuclear family. We looked at our common training background in contemporary dance and the current trend of dancers picking up Brazilian jiu jitsu. We talked about self defence and the challenge of internalising martial techniques for the real world.

It was a really inspiring conversation that challenged certain assumptions I had the topics I have mentioned. So I was very grateful to have it and I hope you will find value in it as well.

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Photo by Christian Ariel Heredia