Material for the brain #28

How to re-pattern our nervous system

The multiplicity of listening

Episdoe #28 - Meeting at the nervous system

For the 28th episode of the podcast, I had the honour to host Defne Erdur.

Defne (TR/FR/IT) is a mover, researcher and a therapist working in the fields of performing arts, health and education. She is trained in Contemporary Dance , Sociology, Expressive Art Therapy and Trauma Healing.

I met Defne a decade ago, while we were both teaching in the First Austrian Contact Festival.
About two year ago, during the early time of Covid, there was big discussion on my Facebook wall around the topic of race. It was a very heated space and Defne and I decided to shift the conversation over to ZOOM. we started to meet online every second week for a period of few months.

These meeting were extremely valuable for me and it started the spark in me that led to the creation of the podcast. We both have very different perspective on many topics but no matter how hard we disagree, we always manage to find a space in which we can peacefully co exist and exchange.

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Photo by Christian Ariel Heredia