Material for the brain #16

The inevitable Identity crisis of physical artists.

Coaching vs. Parenting. Challenge as a meditative tool.

Episdoe #16 - In search of Balance

The guest for the 16th episode is Yuval Ayalon, a Performing Artist, Handbalancer, Acrobat - and a Gymnast. Yuval is a life long physical practitioner. A man, who dedicates his life for the never ending journey of refining his skills and knowledge of his craft.

He came into my attention through a common friend who made a connection between us. I hosted him at my apartment in Vienna while he was teaching one of his incredible Handstand seminars.

I had a real pleasure to meet such a dedicated person, that through hard work, has managed to achieved such incredible depth of his art. And alongside with his skills and expertise, remained very humble, accessible and a kind person.

I invited him to the podcast to explore together how the physically-demanding careers can affect the sense of identity, how fatherhood and the relation to children shapes us, what is the connection between external practices and inner processes and more.

It was such a great pleasure to talk to him and I hope you will find this conversation enriching.

Connect to Yuval:

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Photo by Christian Ariel Heredia