Material for the brain #40

Perspectives on health.

General principles / Particular cases

Episdoe #40 - Health, Wellness and the Moving body

My guest for the 40th episode is Ohad Interator, a certified Physical Therapist, an independent movement practitioner and explorer, dedicated to teaching, helping and empowering people to live more fully within their bodies. His interests are rooted in discovering and developing better models for movement, health and wellbeing, within a human centric, holistic approach.

Ohad has a diverse movement background, he is a graduate of philosophy studies from Tel Aviv university, and an eco therapist. He owns a clinic in Tel Aviv, and teaches classes, workshops and courses on a regular basis.

In our conversation we spoke about his childhood experience with bulling and how it informed his relation with his body and set him on a path of embodied explorations. We talked about his current perspective on health that spans over three major areas - relation with oneself, with others and with the environment. We talked about particularisation when working with people and how to align it with general principles and much more.

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Photo by Christian Ariel Heredia