Material for the brain #19

Freedom in a tight structure. Army vs. Dance training.

Dance as a mean for anger transformation.

Episdoe #19 - Finding Anchors

My guest for the 19th episode is a friend on mine from Israel, Yochai Ginton, a dancer, teacher and performer. Yochai has been working in Israel and abroad in the last 15 years, performing and teaching dance seminars, collaborating with leading figures in the Israeli dance scene.

Yochai was a very inspiring person for me in my own journey of becoming a dancer as he did a similar process several years ahead of me and in his humble way, showed me that it is possible to become a dancer in a later phase of one’s life.

And many years later, he is still very passionate about dance and the potential it has on the way we can experience life. Yochai is also a great example of someone who found a way to use dance as a tool for self growth and self inquiry. And on a personal note, Yochai reminds me that there are many different ways to reach to the same point, a reminder that I tend to forget to easily.

The conversation was recorded on the 20th of April. Since than, the reality in Israel had changed dramatically due to the latest escalation in the on-going conflict. If we would have talked today, we would have probably a different conversation. But nevertheless, I do feel that Yochai’s voice is ever more needed and I am happy that I can share it with you all.

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Photo by Christian Ariel Heredia