Material for the brain #23

The lived experience of faking reality.

The death of authenticity.

Episdoe #23 - Authentic death

The guest for the 23rd episode is Daphna Horenczyk. A performer, choreographer and a good friend of mine.

I invited Daphna to the podcast to talk about her latest choreographic project - Diorama:stories which had its premiered in 2020 and examines the the relationship between the production of images and the embodied experience of the process.

And her current choreographic research ‘Rehearsal of birthing and dying’ in which she is developing a practice to explore the consciousness of extreme states of existence.

Daphna is a very honest and real person who is willing to share not only the beautiful and inspiring side of her but also ugly, unattractive aspects of her being. And for me, her ‘realness’ is very inspiring.

I hope you will enjoy this conversation and looking forward to hearing you in the comments section.

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Photo by Christian Ariel Heredia