Material for the brain #42

Economy, human needs and human nature.

Episdoe #42 - An Economy for human needs

My guest for the 42nd episode is Christian Felber, an internationally renowned speaker, contemporary dancer and author of several economics bestsellers.

In our conversation we talked about his perspective about the boundaries of the term ‘economy’ and what we should consider under this term. We explore the boundaries of the term universal human needs and their relation to the current economical order and looked at at his alternative economical principles. We talked about the connection between economy and the preservation of a culture, We talked about human behaviour and whether violence is a rooted in socialisation of nature. We talked about how to govern violence from an individual perspective calling up to relation between states. We addressed coordination problems and their challenges, we talked about discourse culture post covid and whether polarisation is on the rise and much more.

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Photo by Christian Ariel Heredia