Family Jam

Family oriented dance space.

Come and explore with your little ones!

Photo by Atila Vadoc

Family Jam

Once a month, we open a space in which you can move, dance and play with your little ones.

We have different teachers who will guide the 50 minutes session that will end in 10 minutes of free play where everyone can do as they like.

For whom is it for?

We would like to invite parents who have the wish to interact with their kids. It is not an activity just for the kids but a space where we can meet our kids as equal partners, play together and sharing meaningful time!


The jams take place at Volksschule Schönngasse / Schönngasse 2, 1020.

After entering the school, take the right corridor all the way to its end where you will see the door for the 'Turnsaal'. No need for prior registration. Simply come.


We will have our family jam in the following dates:

16th of February / 9th of March / 13th of April / 11th of May / 22nd of June.

16:45-17:45, you can come a bit before to get ready.

Join our family!

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Photo by Atila Vadoc