How to Fall Safely Advanced

Explore advanced falling techniques with our comprehensive online course. Incorporate creativity on your path to master the art of falling.

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Move beyond function. Unleash creativity.

Ready to elevate your skills? Dive deeper into the art of falling with our Advanced course! Designed to challenge and inspire, this program takes you beyond the basics, exploring intricate techniques and creative applications. As you master risk mitigation, we'll expose you to creative dimensions that transcend mere functionality and will enable you to infuse your falling practice with creative expressions.

Inside Look: What You’ll Find in This Course

“How to Fall Safely Advanced” includes 41 videos with a total playing time of 1 hour.

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Enhance your balance, agility, and spatial awareness

Improve confidence and alleviate anxiety.

Reduce the risk of injury in various situations

A practical life skill that is relevant to people of all ages

This is what our students say

”I developed more strength, endurance, flexibility, resilience, as well as trust in my capacities.”

- Clémentine Antier -

”The course changed my perception on studying movement. I can highly recommend itas I felt is that it is easy to join with any level or background regarding your personal movement practice.”

- Lukas Ziegele -

”The course helps me to explore and understand the fine details of movement, and how a small shift can have a meaningful impact on my expression. I'd really recommend it, since I perceive it not only to be well structured but also to be grounded in a deeper understanding of the body and its language.”

- Malou Kalita -


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Photo by Yair Meyuhas