Full Contact Fundamentals

Learn the fundamental principles of Contact Improvisation with our comprehensive online course and discover the joy of flowing with a partner.

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Every journey begins with the first step...

Whether you have already dipped your toes into Contact Improvisation (CI) or are a newcomer eager to embark on this journey, our foundation course is meticulously crafted to equip you with a robust understanding of CI foundations. Step by step, we'll empower you to enhance your physical skills and cultivate a profound embodiment of CI principles.

Are you an adept CI practitioner aiming to venture into teaching? Look no further! Our course provides a bird’s eye view of structuring CI content tailored for beginners and newcomers that will support and elevate your teaching practice!

Inside Look: What You’ll Find in This Course

“Full Contact Fundamentals” includes 58 videos with a total playing time of over 2 hours.

Discover our contents and catch a glimpse with this preview!

Become more present and mindful

Enhance your balance, agility, and spatial awareness

Develop trust and communication skills

Reduce physical tension and learn to move with ease.

This is what our students say

”Studying with the Movement Lab has been kind of like a reset for me. Besides training various dance techniques, it challenges you to think for yourself. During this program I've discovered the dancer in me in a new way and I am grateful for that.”

- Elina Lautamäki -

”I have learnt to pay more attention to the small and seemingly simple movements that form the bigger picture and to be patient with my body when trying out new, more complicated things.”

- Sophia Rubarth -

”Studying with the Movement Lab taught me the connection between movement, dance and communication. The principles behind the teaching allow me to experience a wider range of possibilities and to step into the unknown with curiosity.”

- Lukas Teml -


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Full Contact Fundamentals

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