Contemporary Moves Beginners Curriculum

Photo by Theresia Kaufman

Module #1 - The foundation of Contemporary Dance technique

The focus of this module is to establish the foundations of contemporary dance technique. The exploration of technique will be divided into two categories - basic movement patterns & long dance phrases.

On the theoretical side, in this module we will explore the ‘Technical Parameters Tool Kit’ an empirical system of self analysis that aims to help each student in the process of recognising failures and building the ability to self correct technical mistakes.

Detail breakdown of module 1:

Unit 1 (6 hours): Floor technique

Unit 2 (6 hours): Vertical traveling - spirals and slides

Unit 3 (6 hours): Spinal mechanics

Unit 4 (6 hours): Limbs Coordinations

Unit 5 (6 hours): Turns and spins

Module #2 - Movement Research

In the second module, we will use improvisation as a tool to sharpen our technical base and further explore movement possibilities. We will dive into the realm of technical scores as a way to cultivate problem solving attitude and physical independence.
We will be looking at topics such as alignment principles, rhythm, movement quality, musicality, spatial awareness and more.

Detail breakdown of module 2:

Unit 1 (7.5 hours): Dynamic alignment

Unit 2 (7.5 hours): Rhythm and musicality

Unit 3 (7.5 hours): Proprioception - dancing with the space

Unit 4 (7.5 hours): Movement qualities

Registration process:

Acceptance to the program is conditioned by having a personal interview with the Director of Movement Lab. A sense of commitment to the program and the group process will be evaluated and considered as the main factor for acceptance/rejection of an applicant.


To receive the Movement Lab Study Group certificate you need to:

  1. Attendance of at least 85% for modules 1+2.
  2. Send 2 videos for each module, documenting the materials you have learnt (solo and partner videos).
  3. Form a peer group and spend a minimum of 6 hours of practice together on the material of the program.
  4. Submit a final report on your experience in the program detailing what you have learnt and benefited from the program personally.

Certification outcome

The Study Group certificate would support you in the following (in accordance with your own responsibility and self engagements):

  1. To integrate your body knowledge into your professional engagement in other fields of embodied work.
  2. To participate in study group programs within the Movement Lab