Contakids Open Day

A playful journey of connection for parents and kids.

Join us to experience the joy of movement!


Are you interested in discovering a playful way to connect with your child, meeting them at eye level and establishing a deep bond?

The Contakids course at The Movement Lab provides the perfect environment for parents and their children to engage in a meaningful connection through movement and touch.

In today's fast-paced and stressful world, essential elements like physical touch and playful communication often get overlooked. The Contakids course offers a space where you can let go of distractions. Together with your child, you'll delve into their unique way of exploring the world, rooted in physicality and movement.

What is ContaKids?

Contakids is a methodology that promotes the idea of using physical contact to develop a deeper form of communication between parents and their children, that is enjoyable for both.

As you reconnect with your own body, your child will enhance their motor skills, build physical confidence, and foster a stronger bond with you.

To learn more about the method, you can visit the international ContaKids website.


4th of April 2024, 16:45-17:45.

Price: 10€ / per family

Volksschule Schönngasse, Schönngasse 2, 1020

* Please come 15 minutes before the start time to get changed, register etc.

Contackids Open Day!

There is nothing like a direct embodied experience.

Connect profoundly to your child in our open day!

4th of April 2024, 16:45-17:45. Volksschule Schönngasse, Schönngasse 2, 1020

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