Being Successful

A journey for your inner voice
by Matan Levkowich

This post is rather personal.

I will share with you an inner change that (finally…) took place.

During my professional career

I was always striving for success,

the main way that I used to measure it was by popularity:

In how many countries did I hold seminars?

To which festivals I was invited to teach?

How many people are following my work? etc.

This path led me to be mostly frustrated,

As I gained more popularity, I wanted more and more…

In 2018 I realised that something must change,

Something internal,

My definition of success was not serving me,

As it was not actually my definition,

It was not relevant to my own life…

In 2019, I have lived my own definition:

Balancing my roll as a father and my profession

I have managed to be fully present as a father,

and at the same time do what I love for a living.

This become my new authentic success.

And it brought me happiness.

The process I went through

is something try to pass on to my students.

Don’t chase things

that others have defined important for themselves.

Start by asking:

Is it relevant for my own life?

What would be my personal success?

We don’t need to be anything

more than what we are.

A good old cliche!

To finish I would like to

wish you a successful 2020 ;)



Ady Elzam

Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your inner process!

MMag. Tiefenbrunner

Great post Matan.
Well crafted, personal and deep.
You keep inspiring me dear friend !


"Don’t chase things that others have defined important for themselves." Very nicely said! Thank you!

Matan LevkowichRosalie

My pleasure! It can be understood in 1 minute but took me long time to embody this concept... Good luck in your path!


Lovely and wise words, you really had a revelation, mate!
I am happy for you and look forward to keeping in touch with you in any way.
All the best to you and blessings upon your loved ones,

Matan LevkowichJörg

Thank you Jörg!

I hope to meet you in person in 2020 :)