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Dance as a path towards the body-mind

Do you sometimes feel ‘disconnected’? Do you lack trust in your body? But what does it actually mean to be ‘connected to oneself’? Our fundamental approach is that the body and mind are not separated entities. Being connected means developing a relationship to both. In our study groups we cultivate spaces in which each student can start journeying towards bodymind awareness, self acceptance, being grounded and light and having access to more energy and joy.

Dance as a community practice

Dance is a social activity hence the name ‘study group’. Being part of a group means learning how to communicate both your needs and boundaries. It means learning how to understand and feel for others. Therefore, in all our programs, both the individual process and the group dynamics are paramount. Joining the study group means joining our thriving community of students - in our training, weekly jams and the day to day life.

What do we actually offer?

We offer year-long study groups that are open for any person, regardless of their age or background. We teach contemporary dance, contact improvisation, ensemble work, performance practice, fluid acrobatics and more. In the core of each program is the understanding that studying the human body has a tremendous effect on our lives, on our ability to relate and connect to others and to our physical and emotional well-being.

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What is it like to be part of the study group?

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Clémentine Antier

"I have experienced the Movement Lab study group as a unique space for growth, both on a personal and professional level. On a physical level, I developed more strength, endurance, flexibility, resilience, as well as trust in my capacities.

As a group I think we have all deepened our skills of listening, being self-responsible, communicating, expressing, experimenting, and last but not least, to be willing to show up and to connect authentically, with our full being."

Elina Lautamäki

"Studying with Matan has been kind of like a reset for me. Besides training various contemporary dance techniques he challenges you to think for yourself. During this program I've discovered the dancer in me in a new way and I am grateful for that."

Lukas Teml

"Studying with Matan teaches me the connection between movement, dance and communication. I love exploring not only "how" to move but also "why". The principles behind his teaching allow me to experience a wider range of possibilities and to step into the unknown with curiosity. In the studio and in life."

Noah Steixner

"We are always moving, but not always aware of it. By exploring how we move, we also open up avenues of freedom that may otherwise stay stuck in routine"