Movement Lab Vienna present:

Skills & Poetics

Contact Improvisation workshop w/ Tal Shibi (IL)

Saturday, 1st of February 2020


Saturday, 1st of February 2020

10:30-16:30 (with an hour break for lunch)


WUK, Studio 1407 - Währinger Str. 59, 1090

About the workshop:

Over the years I have come to understand Contact Improvisation as a delightful combination of skill and poetry, an ingredient which encourages our unique and personal self expression inside dance.

In this workshop we will attempt to dive deeper into the combination of these aspects. Part of the play will consist of finding new pathways for weight sharing, understanding the concepts which create the language of Contact and incorporating approaches from authentic movement and improvisational performance to enrich our dance. We will enliven both our individual dance and our partnering work, and have the pleasure of practicing with a small
group in a beautiful space.

Some of the elements we will work with:

- Understanding and practicing the meaning of different qualities of touch and how they affect the dance.

- Gaining experience and terminology that makes Contact Improvisation a satisfying and clear movement language to experiment and communicate with.

- Better understanding of how to engage our mass and weight with our partner in a way that can keep on traveling.

- Connecting and developing our own personal dance as way to arrive present and engaged in a duet.

- Accessing a sense of flow in our dance to create continuation and sustain interest and a soft focus.

About Tal Shibi

Tal has found his “movement home” in the ongoing living play and art form which is the practice of Contact Improvisation. He views it as a tool for creative living and satisfying human interactions. He is fascinated with the infinite possibilities of the body becoming an expressive medium. Tal enjoys sharing his passion for movement and dance through the practice of CI as well movement improvisation for various performance projects. He has been teaching for the past10years including workshops and classes held in Israel, Greece, Germany, Thailand, Budapest, Norway and the U.S. Tal is a Shiatsu and Watsu (body-work in the water) therapist, and is a graduate of the Movement department (with an emphasis on choreography) at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

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