Personal coaching

Build together a daily practice.

Towards your goals. At your own pace.

What are we about?

The personal coaching platform is designed to deliver personalised solutions to a versatile array of problems. From recurring injuries and persistent physical pain to aspirations in your professional field or recreational hobby.

No matter what motivates you get support, we pride ourselves in creating a tailor made training programs for each individual student.

For whom is it for?

  1. If you are dealing with persistent pain, or a physical limitation that prevents you from enjoying movement.
  2. If you are out of shape and struggling to find genuine motivation to start training.
  3. If you suffer from a past injury and have fear to approach your body again.
  4. If you are engaged professionally and want to improve your performance in your sport/art.

How does it work?

After the initial free assessment, we will meet once a month for a 1 hour private class (online or in person). After that, you will get from us a training program that should keep you busy for 4 weeks. During those weeks, you will upload videos of yourself performing the different exercises, and will receive from us detailed feedback on how to keep progressing.

How much does it cost?

The minimum training commitment is 12 weeks (3 blocks of 4 weeks) and costs 520€. After that period, you can keep studying for as long as you wish and each extra block will cost 200€.

What can I expect to learn?

Our main goal is helping you to become as independent as possible in understating your own body. For that reason, we focus on teaching you universal movement principles.

The materials will include but not limited to:

1. Natural movement forms

2. Break-falling patterns

3. Equilibrium exercises

4. Breathing techniques

5. Locomotion sequences

6. Strength & Mobility drills

7. Coordination challenges

8. Developmental patterns

Get a free assessment!

Before we can do anything for you, we need a first assessment on your current physical abilities, your availability and goals.

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Vincent E. Jonsson - Sweden

"Studying with Matan helped me to understand how to connect information from different disciplines and how to structure better my own work and practice.

One of the concepts he shared with me that help me the most was the ‘Why - How - What’ hierarchy. It helped me to make things more tangible, more complex and in the same time more simple!"

Shanna Danek - Austria

"Matan‘s passion for movement and his dedication for teaching is really motivating. In only a few sessions he taught me the unique movement pattern of the figure of eight which helped me a lot in improving my surfskating.

The research of movement and human anatomy reflects in his clear and comprehensible feedback. Matan provided me with the tools needed to continue training on my own."

Alina Walter - Germany

"The dedication Matan puts in his work is inspiring and he communicates his great knowledge in a sensitive and clear way. It was easy to get into the movement practice. From basic to more complex movement, the structure gave the possibility to return to the simple movement and build a common ground of understanding between me and Matan.

Through the regular practice of the material, I learned and I am still learning to be more patient with my body and the mind.I also felt the awareness rising in the blind, dark spots of my body. Now I feel prepared to approach the material from my own point of view and see where it leads me."