Material for the body

Explore movement foundations at home.

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Material for the body

Material for the body is a collection of online courses that are designed to help you to start your journey of exploring your body in motion.

We have categories our content to different 'families' of materials. Our pedagogical approach is like an invisible thread that will help you to slowly see through the differences and experience all the content as a complete body of work for self inquiry.

Even thought that the courses are design for self study, if at any point you find yourself in a need for assistance or support, you will have the possibility to schedule a private coaching session with Matan.

The only things you need to begin is your body, curiosity and few square meter of empty floor. Your body awaits your call.

How to fall safely Fundamentals

Discover the principle that governs all the falling techniques

Master the basics and free yourself from the fear of falling.

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How to Fall Safely Advance

Take your falling practice to the next level.

Increase your creativity and improve motor skills.

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