Movement education

Your body is your best companion. Research its capacity.

Live a fuller life, connected to yourself and your surrounding.

You were born the perfect movement researcher

You taught yourself how to roll, crawl, walk, run around, hang, climb and jump... But very often life takes you away from your innate ability to be the owner of your own body and that's where all the problems start.

The missing link is not the 'latest fitness trend'

We are not a 'fitness' company. Here at Movement Lab, our main goal is to help you rebuild a sustainable relationship with your body and develop an embodied lifestyle in which your body will not be left behind.

Profound changes demand proper education

All our programs are a combination of movement material for you to learn and explore but more importantly - a base of principles that will help you develop autonomy over your well-being and rediscover the joy of inhabiting your body.

Weekly Jams

Improvise alone. Communicate with others.
Discover new ways to express yourself.

Personal coaching

1 on 1 guidance toward your personal goals.

Online courses

Explore the foundations at home.
Life time access to the Members Zone.