Movement Lab Vienna present:


Contemporary dance workshop w/ Andrea Hackl (AT/NL)

Sunday, 5th of April 2020


Sunday, 5th of April 2020

13:30-19:30 (with an hour break)


H1 - Hormayrgasse 1, 1170

About the workshop:

The essence of this training is a research around the fluidity of the body, playing with release and weight and sequentiality, in an increasingly energetic / dynamic way throughout class. Released and available to be able to surf and play with natural forces, riding an energetic stream and wave; learning to stop powering & making every movement happen muscularly. To allow motion & movement to happen, while still clearly directing & sending it.

One central focus is alignment that allows movement to travel through the body. The training offers a playground to challenge and hopefully surprise ourselves. Movement, be it floor work or standing material, is approached as directing and streaming an energetic flow, respecting a natural trajectory and alignment. This allows us to be energetic and, as well, to gain speed, if so wished, in the most enjoyable, efficient, organic as well as healthy way – be it in minimal or expanded movements flying through and eating the space.

Topics we will explore:

- To be able to move in an organic, released while highly agile and energetic way, not compromising the space and fluidity of the body.

- To be able to start movement from different approaches.

- To surf movement as an energetic stream, based on release/falling, catching and sending movement.

- To be/come the master of this tool, our body and the timing, dynamic and musicality in which we perform a movement.

About Andrea:

Andrea Hackl is based in Holland and Austria. She works internationally as choreographer, dancer, teacher as well as video artist.

Hackl cherishes the power and poetry of dance in its physicality. Her work is, most of all, a celebration of life. Her artistic practice and research is inspired by cross-pollination, the alchemy of collaborations and interdisciplinary work. Her understanding of dance & movement got formed and enriched by conventional techniques as much as somatic and sensorial work.

Hackl has created work in collaboration with scientific researchers (evolving around the theme of human nature relationships) and has produced various films. She is exploring the medium of installation and hybrid installation performances.

She has danced with companies & choreographers like Jasper van Luijk/SHIFFT (@Korzo Productions), Cascade Dance Theater, Emanuel Gat Dance, United C, Suzy Blok and toured major venues and festivals worldwide. Her own work has been presented internationally, in Europe/Scandinavia, North/Central America, S/E Asia & India.

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