Full Contact

5 month contact improvisation and partnering program in Vienna


For the first time in Vienna! A 5 month exclusive study group for contact improvisation and partner work.

We really recommend to watch the recording of the info evening, it will give an in-depth understanding of what we are offering here which is beyond the practical information that is available below (video is above).


Wednesday, 17th of November, 20:30 (Via ZOOM).

Send an email to info@movementlab.eu to register.


The core value of the program is a multi-perspective process oriented experience.

We will dive into the world of contact improvisation and partner and will work with both technical tools and improvisational scores. The program will cover the following:

1. CI oriented body conditioning - coordination, strength and flexibility

2. Technique module - dynamic alignment, modulation of muscle tone, weight distribution, Spatial awareness, tactile awareness etc.

3. Improvisation module - expression, communication, jamming culture, being watched.


1.2 - 08.04.2022 - 10 weeks of classes

09.04 - 18.4.2022 - 1 week of break

19.4 - 28.6.2022 - 11 weeks of classes


One or two days per week (according to your choice)

Monday afternoon: between 16:00-21:15 (yet to be decided)

Thursday morning: 09:45-13:00

* Every day will be two sessions of 1.5 hours.


1 day per week - 720€

2 days per week - 1380€


1. Free entry to a weekly jam

Being in this program will give you a free entry to our weekly jam that takes place every Thursday evening.

2. Free access to the special 'Dance Date' monthly events.


Watch the info evening and you are 100% sure you want to join:

1. Schedule a personal short meeting with us via email - info@movementlab.eu

2. Fill in yourself in the doodle (it is private and will be seen only by me) with your name, email and time preferences (1 or 2 days per week and which days you prefer):


3. Pay 50% deposit for the program to guaranty your spot.

Payment via Bank transfer:

Make sure you email a payment confirmation to info@movementlab.eu:

Account holder: Matan Heyman-Levkowich
IBAN: AT682040400040696056