How to fall safely

A step by step progressive instructional.

Expand your physical capacities and prevent catastrophic injuries.

You decide how you age

Falling is one of the most fundamental experiences in the development of motor skill in humans. When babies take the first steps into locomotive independency, falling is inevitable. And from our early attempts to stand on two feet, we learnt to associate falling, with a strong reaction of fear.

And not for no reason. Studies have showed that falling is a major reason for loosing independency at elderly stages but that doesn't have to be an inevitable reality...

Falling contains the potential for a pleasurable expression of kinetic energy - a source for expansion of physical capacities. Take the first steps into this exciting journey and transform the fear of falling into the joy of being.

Fundamental Course Materials:

  1. Safety Instructions
  2. Conceptual context for your Falling practice
  3. Dedicated Warm Up
  4. The physical principle for every falling technique
  5. Forward Roll
  6. Backwards Roll
  7. C-Star Side Roll
  8. Side Fall

Advance Course Materials

  1. Forward Roll - Front arm variation
  2. Forward Roll - Back arm variation
  3. Forward Roll - Trinity Variation
  4. Shin Spin
  5. Shin Roll
  6. Belly Back Roll
  7. Coin Drop
  8. Ariel Variations (Forward, Backward, C-Star, Shin Roll)

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