The Movement Lab Study Group

6 month dance and embodiment program


The Study Group is process oriented program that is centred around the athletic & somatic facets of dance, movement and embodiment. Cultivating body intelligence and physical expression and developing a self and group practice are the core of the program.

The 6-month (28 weeks) program is a professional training that is open for any person regardless of age or background. A basic previous experience in the field of dance or embodiment is required.

The program aims to help each individual to develop their physical-emotional intelligence, a strong foundation that is necessary for any future engagements in field of dance/embodiment. By exposing the participants to experiential and theoretical knowledge, each participant will receive the tools to maintain a physical relationship with the body and to develop an independent self practice.


11.10.2021 - 4.5.2022

The Program’s Structure

The program constitutes two continuous modules and one fluid module. The continuous modules are being taught 3 hours per week and lasts for 14 weeks. Both are divided into two subject of exploration - solo and partner work and is built as a gradual process of accumulation of knowledge and skills.

The fluid module takes place every week for 3 hours (throughout the entire program) and will be guided by rotating guest teachers. Each participant is require to attend for a minimum of 12 hours in total, with the possibly to attend as much as one wishes.

Together the three modules are an in-depth process oriented learning experience.

Module #1 - The foundation of movement dance technique

In the first module, participants will be exposed to foundational movements patterns and basic improvisation tasks. The exploration of technique will be divided into three categories - basic movement patterns, long phrases of movement, technical improvisations.

On the theoretical side, in this module we will explore the ‘technical parameters tool kit’ - an empirical system of self analysis that aims to help each participant in the process of recognising failures and building the ability to self correct technical mistakes.

Detail breakdown of module 1:

Unit 1 (6 hours): Floor technique - the foundation of movement evolution

Unit 2 (6 hours): Spirals - the key for level changes

Unit 3 (6 hours): Arms coordinations - exploration of the figure of 8

Unit 4 (6 hours): Spine mechanics - the infinite power of wave forms

Unit 5 (6 hours): Ukemi practice - the art of fall & recovery

Unit 6 (6 hours): Dynamic Inversions - discovering new perspectives

Unit 7 (6 hours): Jumps and acrobatics - effortless momentum enhancement

Module #2 - Improvisation and creative attention

In the second module, we will use our technical foundation to explore the vast landscape of dance improvisation. Through a gradual process, we will receive tools to cultivate creativity and novelty while deepening our understanding of the current cultural aspects that shapes the norms of our shared practice.

In this module, we will use different theoretical models for understanding the complexity group improvisation and we will examine our solo and duet dances in that context and develop tools for group jamming.

Detail breakdown of module 2:

Unit 1 (9 hours): Shape/Sensation/Imagination - fundamental modes for improvisation

Unit 2 (9 hours): Order and Chaos - safety vs risk taking, boredom vs playfulness

Unit 3 (9 hours): Modes of attention - internal subjectiveness & external empiricism

Unit 4 (9 hours): Jamming culture and solo scores- cultural norm to individual assertion

Until 5 (6 hours): Collective body intelligence - the individual in the context of the group

Module #3 - Open Jam

The 3rd module is structured as a mediating step between self-work and being fully guided in a class scenario. Its purpose is to enable each participant to make a step further towards independence and confident around the material of the program

The module is designed as a fluid structure where each participant can decided the level of intensity and engagement that is suitable for their particular pace and development, from week to week.

Each session in this module will start with 30 minutes of instructions (by rotating guest teachers) followed by 2.5h open jam where participants can engage in a research around the different themes of the program, in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Registration process:

Acceptance to the program is conditioned by having previous experience in dance or other embodied practice and a personal interview with Matan Levkowich.

A sense of commitment to the program and the group process will be evaluated and considered as the main factor for acceptance/rejection of an applicant.

For more information and future dates of the program email to


To receive the Movement Lab Study Group certificate you need to:

  1. Attendance of at least 90% for modules 1+2 and 12 hours of module 3
  2. Send 2 videos for each module, documenting the materials you have learnt (solo and partner videos).
  3. Form a peer group and spend a minimum of 6 hours of practice together on the material of the program.
  4. Submit a final report on your experience in the program detailing what you have learnt and benefited from the program personally.

Certification outcome

The Study Group certificate would support you in the following (in accordance with your own responsibility and self engagements) :

  1. To be accepted to audition for professional dance education programs such as Sozo-VIM.
  2. To integrate into your professional engagement in other fields of embodied work.
  3. To hold group sessions and teach private classes in the fields of contemporary dance, contact improvisation and partner work.