Corporate training

A paradigm shift in the utility of physical training in the workspace.

The bridge between health, performance and social dynamics.

Movement Intelligence (MI) for the workspace

Every good manager wants the best for his employees. Taking care of their well being while working in the office, is truly an important step toward good management. But what if you could get much more than just fitness?

Investing in your employees health can surely reward you and your business but with the movement intelligence corporate training, you can benefit much more than that.

Our MI method is not merely a physical training. It is a holistic system designed to improve your employees health, performance and social dynamics that can be taught via live or online classes, lectures or special seminars.

The main features of the MI method

Cognition training

Team bonding

Increase in energy level

Cognition training

Improving well-being through physical training is definitely important but we don't stop there. Based on scientific discoveries, we make sure that while you work your body, you also work your cognitive part of your brain, which can result in improvements in creative thinking and out of the box problem solving strategies.

Team bonding

Unlike a typical fitness training or a yoga class where each participant trains alone, in our live sessions we mix in partner work and group exercises frequently. This can really help in building trust between team members, refresh the dominant hierarchies in the office and improve the social dynamics between different employees.

Increase in energy level

With our unique method, we help your employees understand how they can use the office environment to support their bodies rather than damaging it - resulting in increased energy level and improved focus and less physical discomfort & fatigue that disturb the flow of productivity.

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