Contemporary Moves Beginners

Dive into the world of contemporary dance.

Start building a relationship with your body-mind.


The Contemporary Moves Beginners Study Group is a process oriented program that is centred around the contemporary dance and movement research. Cultivating body intelligence and physical expression as well as a general sense of trust in one's self are the core of the program.

The half a year program (20 weeks) is a professional training that is open for any person regardless of age or background and is designed specifically to accommodate the needs of complete beginners without any dance background.

The program aims to help each individual to develop their physical-emotional intelligence, a strong foundation that is necessary for any future engagements in field of dance/embodiment. By gradual exposure to experiential and theoretical knowledge, each participant will receive the tools to maintain a physical relationship with the body and to develop an independent dance practice.

The Program’s Structure

The program constitutes two core modules that are being taught 1.5 hours per week and lasts for 20 weeks. The core modules are built as a gradual process of accumulation of knowledge and skills.

Together the two modules are an in-depth process oriented learning experience.

For detailed information about each model Click here for the full curriculum.


February - June 2023


Every Wednesday afternoon: 17:30-20:45



Including in the program's fee are all the classes, a Q&A session and individual feedback session.

Teacher's Team

Elina Lautamäki

Elina has been living and working in Vienna since 2012. She studied pop/jazz singing as well as music education for several years in Finland. At the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna she obtained her Master's degree in music and movement education. She works in the fields of music, dance and performance with different artists and groups.


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