Contemporary Moves Beginners - Open Day

Join us for free to experience the power of dance!

Take a step on a journey towards an integrated life.

Dance as a path towards the body-mind

Do you sometimes feel ‘disconnected’? Do you lack trust in your body? But what does it actually mean to be ‘connected to oneself’? Our fundamental approach is that the body and mind are not separated entities. Being connected means developing a relationship to both. In our study groups we cultivate spaces in which each student can start journeying towards bodymind awareness, self acceptance, being grounded and light and having access to more energy and joy.

Dance as a community practice

Dance is a social activity hence the name ‘study group’. Being part of a group means learning how to communicate both your needs and boundaries. It means learning how to understand and feel for others. Therefore, in all our programs, both the individual process and the group dynamics are paramount. Joining the study group means joining our thriving community of students - in our training, weekly jams and the day to day life.

Open day schedule:

17:30 - Arrival
17:45 - Class with Elda Galo
18:30 - Classes with Crista Stöffelbauer
19:15 - Introduction Talk with Matan Levkowich
20:00 - Q&A
20:30 - End

Application is open!

The Info Evening for the upcoming study group cycle took place already. 

You can watch the recording of the info evening down below.

If you have watched the info evening and would like to apply,

click on the button below where you will be able to do the following:

1. Schedule a personal short meeting with us.

2. Fill the application form with your infos and the programs you want to join.